lunch menu

bulwar Dedala

Monday – Friday
12:00 – 16:00


Start your adventure with something small and tasty.

Gochugaru wings 9,-
Spicy chicken wings.

Kimchi [v] 9,-
Spicy fermented cabbage.

Chlebek aonori [v] 9,-
With edamame and garlic paste.

Goma wakame [v] 9,-
Seaweed salad.

Lotos root chips [v] 7,-
With sweet-chili dip.

Hotate with kiwi 27,-
Grilled hotate.

Tuna tartar [r] 36,-
Sake, yuzu juice, apple, quail egg yolk, chips.

Yuzu Ceviche [r] 29,-
White fish, yuzu juice, mirin, white soy sauce.


Miso tofu [v] 7,-
Miso salmon 10,-
Traditional Japanese soup.

Tempura soba 14,-
Dashi broth with tempura shrimps and soba noodles.

Tom Yum [s] 14,-
Spicy Thai soup with shrimps.


Selection of fish, seafood, vegetables and mushrooms in a crispy tempura butter, served with two dips.

Shrimps 34,-
Veggies [v] 26,-
Mix 31,-
Calamari 31,-


kids menu

Panko chicken 9,-
Sweet potato fries [v] 6,-

sushi lunch

Lunch sushi sets.

Sushi Grill / 31,-

6 pcs. futomaki grilled salmon,
5 pcs. uramaki tempura shrimps,
3 pcs. hosomaki grilled cod.

Sushi Mix [r] / 31,-

6 pcs. futomaki ebi,
5 pcs. uramaki salmon,
3 pcs. hosomaki tuna.

Sushi Vege [v] / 31,-

6 pcs. futomaki tamagoyaki,
5 pcs. uramaki dried tomato,
3 pcs. hosomaki kanpyo.

Make it bigger, add some soup!

Extra miso for sushi or donburi lunch.

Miso tofu / +3,-
Miso salmon / +6,-


Bowl of deliciousness served on steamed rice.

Ebi Don / 34,-

Fried rice, shrimps, squid, edamame, egg.

Oyakodon / 24,-

Egg with marinated chicken and spring onion.

Teriyaki Don / 34,-

Teriyaki salmon with avocado, cucumber and tamagoyaki.

Tonkatsu Don / 27,-

Pork cutlet with egg, red onion and tonkotsu sauce.

Chirashi Don / 34,-

Selected fish and seafood sashimi served over sushi rice.

Make it bigger, add some soup!

Extra miso for sushi or donburi lunch.

Miso tofu / +3,-
Miso salmon / +6,-


One bowl, infinity of taste.

Tonkotsu Ramen / 36,-

Creamy pork broth, marinated egg, chashu pork, thin japanese noodles.

Shio Ramen / 32,-

Chicken broth, shallot, marinated egg, chicken meatballs, blanched bean sprouts, roasted tomato.


Decide on the size of your set, give our staff some hints and leave the rest to us.

Small set ca. 13 pcs. 47 ,-

Medium set – ca. 25 pcs. 89 ,-

Large set – ca. 45 pcs. 164 ,-

Nigiri – 10 pcs. 64 ,-

special MAKI

Chumaki vege [v] 21,-
Cream cheese, cucumber, tamagoyaki, kanpyo.

Chumaki unagi 26,-
Eel, cucumber, banana, peanut butter, panko.

Chumaki salmon with almonds 24,-
Salmon, cream cheese, kanpyo, avocado, almonds.

Chumaki hotategai 26,-
Hotate, tobiko, kanpyo, leek, cucumber, sanshio, panko.

Chumaki tuna kimchi [r] 26,-
Tuna, kimchi, apple, cucumber, panko.

Salmon unagi hot roll 26,-
Salmon, eel, tamagoyaki, cream cheese, kabayaki sauce.

Tako 34,-
Octopus, soy paper, tamagoyaki, mint, cucumber, tobiko.

Mega unagi [r] 44,-
Eel, tuna, gari, tobiko, kabayaki sauce, sanshio, oshinko.

Spicy softshell crab [s] 39,-
Crab, spring onion, jalapeno, spicy mayo.

futomaki – 6 pcs.

Philadelphia [r] 18,-
Salmon cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, lettuce.

Grilled salmon 19,-
Cream cheese, salmon, kanpyo, cucumber, lettuce, kabayaki sauce.

Tuna mango [r] 22,-
Tuna, cream cheese, cucumber, mango, coriander, tobiko.

Ebi tempura 21,-
Tempura shrimps, tobiko, cucumber, carrot, lettuce.

Ebi ten 19,-
Grilled salmon, shrimp, cream cheese, kabayaki sauce, almonds.

Salmon tartar [r] 24,-
Salmon, soy sauce, sake, sriracha.

uramaki – 5 pcs.

California with salmon [r] 18,-
Salmon, crab surimi, cucumber, avocado. 

Gravlax 21,-
Cream cheese, gravlax, cucumber, tamagoyaki.

Grilled salmon 15,-
Salmon, cream cheese, kanpyo, kabayaki sauce, sesame.

Tuna avocado [r] 20,-
Tuna, cream cheese, avocado, tobiko.

Unagi roll 24,-
Tempura shrimp, eel, cucumber, sesame.

Smoked Ebi 24,-
Shrimp, salmon, avocado, cream cheese, tamagoyaki.

2 pcs.

6 pcs.

Gravlax 16,-
Salmon [r] 13,-
Ebi 13,-
Tuna [r] 16,-

Vege [v] 8,-
White fish [r] 14,-
Octopus 17,-
Eel 16,-

sashimi set

Small (9 pcs.) 39,-
Medium (18 pcs.) 69,-
Large (27 pcs.) 99,-

tartar – 100g

Salmon 26,-
Tuna 34,-

{v} – without meat, {r} – raw, {s} – spicy

If you have any allergic contraindications, please let us know. Prices include VAT tax, for reservations above 6 persons additional 10% of service charge can be added.